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My name is Christopher Makomere, and I’m all about a gardener/consultant who loves to grow food and ornamental plants successfully and help others do the same.

  • I trained at Egerton University in the School of Agriculture
  • I worked on a USAID Horticulture Competitiveness Project (USAID-KHCP) to improve the livelihoods of locals for six months by teaching them how to grow fresh vegetables and fruits. I also facilitated the marketing of their produce both locally and globally.
  • Started this blog in July 2015.

As a young child, I often tended to our small garden with my grandfather. He had a passion for growing different kinds of crops, and we would visit the countryside to collect different varieties and plant species for the garden.

Now I write about people who share his passion for gardening and farming with a modern touch.

I started writing my blog to remember my grandfather and fell in love with the people from around the world who share his passion.

I’m not telling you all this to brag or anything. I’m just demonstrating my ability to help you succeed in your gardening venture.


So, let’s briefly talk about you.

I know that you deserve to get real-time farming solutions, great landscape ideas, and world-class resources to succeed with your garden or farm.

But there is only one problem,

You can’t, because;

  • You don’t have the time or the technology to research yourself
  • You need an all-in-one source of information, but you can’t seem to find anywhere else.
  • You love learning about farming and gardening secrets from top industry professionals, but you can’t access them.


Don’t worry

At Hort Zone, you will get exclusive access to top industry experts (I included), fresh ideas, well-researched information, and industry knowledge found only on this site.

Just don’t take my word for it.

Put the information to test and find out for yourself.

I help people who are passionate about gardening or farming and believe in the art of successful gardening.

These people include;

  • Flower farms
  • Professional and beginning gardeners
  • Farmers and nursery business owners
  • Exporter of horticultural produce
  • Horticultural commercial farmers
  • Ornamental Landscapers and landscaping agencies
  • Construction contractors.
  • Home décor enthusiasts

One thing is for sure. All my audience love growing healthy foods, flowers as well as tending to their homesteads.

If you are one of them, I can;

  • Train your staff on the safe and effective use of pesticides
  • Help you with the application and renewal of export licenses.
  • Help you identify where and how to grow food.
  • Get timely and relevant information by studying growing trends which I gladly share with you.
  • Help you understand new gardening technologies, global threats, and opportunities by researching and following international trends and demands.


Hort Zone is about empowerment

Because growing depends on the prevailing season, I will help you to plan ahead of time so that you can undertake your activities efficiently without interruptions.

Choosing actionable gardening strategies from Hort Zone means effective gardening which in turn means you can help feed the world by first feeding your family with fresh food throughout the year.

Hort Zone is about empowering people like you, who love to grow food and gardening to become good global citizens. In fact, the Global food demand is going to rise by 60% over the next 35 years since the world population is expected to hit 9 billion by then (Global goals).

The good news, 25% of consumers are willing to pay more for quality fresh food grown in healthy conditions (FAO).

You can contribute a lot towards world food security by your small gardening initiatives.

And I’m here to help you out.

You can send me an email at horticulture@hortzone.com / support@hortzone.com OR contact +254 725 508 259


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