How to Clean Your Yard Using GreenWorks Leaf Blower

You are doing very well you know.

Making your yard the envy of every gardener in the neighbourhood. So clean and green with all the garden seats that you sit on during your free time and enjoy some quality time with yourself. Distant from everything else, you sip a cocktail of your favourite juice combination.

You’re really not doing badly at all.

But there’s only one problem. Fall sets in and all the trees and plantations in the yard are competing on who can shade the most leaves. Your lawn mower worsens everything by adding huge volumes of grass clippings.

Soon, your yard fills up with dry leaves, grass clippings and of course, dust. The clean and green turns into dirt and dry. You can’t tell between the pavements and the lawn.

You don’t appreciate this a bit. So you decide to trade your precious free time for sweeping the pavements, and raking around the grass to restore your garden’s ambience.

Fast forward, your leisure time is over, and your schedule is tight again, but there’s still one more problem.

And it’s not that your leisure time has been stolen, No – You didn’t finish cleaning up your yard despite the fact that you’re damn too tired to imagine going back.

You feel justified just to give up altogether, but an idea comes into your mind.

You sit behind your computer screen excited and type a few words into your browser and just like magic you have the solution!

Whoa! So many options for Leaf Blowers. You chose the one that pleases your eyes and key in your card details to complete the purchase.

‘Problem solved,’ you think to yourself. Right, you receive your brand new Leaf Blower. You’re excited and for a good reason. You can’t wait to get into your yard and blow off all the dirt or blow your wife’s skirt off, ha.

And then, reality hits you like a rude slap in the face.

You’ve just bought a blower with a two-stroke engine. The reality is, your blower most likely uses gas fuel, gasoline probably. And because it’s a 2-stroke gasoline-driven, plenty of hydrocarbons are released into the environment polluting the air you breathe.

It goes without saying but must be said that most if not all 2-stroke engines do not burn the fuel completely, resulting in incomplete combustion. As a result, emission of carbon monoxide. You know what this gas can do to your health.

That’s not all, the incessant, high-pitched noise emanating from the blower is just unbearable. The noise decibel is just way too high. The neighbours do not like it either.

You’re not alone

Most gardeners and homeowners have had to contend with unattractive yards, lawns, pavements, and patios. The ultimate price, falling home value.

But not anymore.

Introducing GreenWorks Leaf Blower 80V PRO  

Greenworks Leaf Blower 80V

80 V-Pro 500 CFM Cordless Leaf Blower by GreenWorks


Here’s What You Can Do With GreenWorks Leaf Blower

  • Gather leaves together
  • Clean your garage and parking lot
  • Clean amusement parks and arenas
  • Remove grass clippings and debris after mowing your lawn
  • Clean or dry your pavements and patio
  • Blow off fluffy snow
  • Clean your rain gutters


Here’s What You Can’t Do With GreenWorks Leaf Blower

  • Vacuum the leaves and dirt – Lacks a Vacuum, Blows only.
  • Pollute the environment – No fumes.
  • Waste money by buying fuel and maintenance – Battery powered.


So What?

When you chose 80 V-Pro 500 CFM Cordless GreenWorks Leaf Blower, this is what you get;

Up to 70 minutes of run-time with fully charged 2AH battery. Just make sure that you check for compatible battery and charger beforehand. Eliminate unnecessary costs of fuel and gas and save money and the environment.

Separate Batteries for Greenworks leaf blower

GreenWorks GBA80200 80V 2.0AH Lithium-Ion Battery with Rapid charge of 30 minutes to full capacity


Quiet operation at only 60 decibels with instant push-button start (No more yanking a pull cord) and zero maintenance.

GreenWorks Leaf Blower is easy on your ears

GreenWorks Leaf Blower is easy on your ears even at full power.


Up to 500 CFM to blow through wet or dry leaves and debris. With 500CFM, the blower is powerful enough to replace your 32cc gas blower only that means power without hassles of emission of poisonous gases. Power equivalent to Jet Turbine Technology.

500FCM GreenWorks Leaf Blower

500CFM – Powerful enough to replace your 32cc gas blower.


Digipro brushless motors are more reliable and deliver gas equivalent performance to a 32cc gas engine (Actually more reliable than a gas engine). GreenWorks Leaf Blower has 125MPH wind speed which is equivalent to an F2 category tornado.

Greenworks leaf blower with 125mph

125MPH – Wind speed of an F2 category tornado


GreenWorks Leaf Blower is the only blower out there that gives you power without hassles. This gadget is user and environment-friendly.

It’s easy on your ears even at full power and, has minimal vibrations to enable you to work longer without exhaustion.

It provides professional performance without carbon emissions. What’s more, it saves your health without sacrificing power.

With GreenWorks Leaf Blower you won’t have trouble cleaning neither will you have trouble with your neighbours.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out Greenworks Leaf Blower reviews here.

Once you have your gadget, here are the guidelines for cleaning your yard.


Safety First and General Guidelines

  1. Never use the blower if feeling dizzy or under medication
  2. Protect the people around you
  3. Don’t use the blower indoors or poorly ventilated areas
  4. Inspect the blower before, during, and after operation to ensure that it’s in good condition
  5. Don’t modify the blower in a way not authorized by GreenWorks.
  6. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment, for example, non-slip, heavy-duty work gloves and a dust mask as appropriate. Source: A Guide to Safer & More Courteous Use of Leaf Blowers


How to Clean the Yard Using GreenWorks Leaf Blower 80V-Pro

⇒Start in the far left-hand corner of your yard or lawn, blow the majority of leaves or trash into a pile, on a tarp.

⇒Do not be fussy: It’s counter-productive to try to round up every last leaf using the leaf blower.

⇒When You’ve blown the majority of the leaves into a pile in this corner of the yard, fold the tarp over the leaves and remove the pile by dragging the pile away.

⇒Dump the leaves the yard waste bin from where you can then compost them in a compost bin or use as a mulch in your vegetable garden.

⇒Move onto the other corners, proceeding in the same manner. Source:



I’ve always believed that in gardening, there’s always a right tool for every job. So, when it comes to cleaning and restoring the tranquility and bliss in your yard after fall, Greenworks cordless leaf blower 80v reigns supreme.

You’ve just learnt how you can turn your frustration into convenience by using this versatile gadget and I have shown you exactly how to use it.

You can choose to continue using gasoline powered blowers that are noisy and pollute your environment, and put your health and that of your family members at risk or migrate to Greenworks leaf blower – ecofriendly.

So next time you’re looking for a blower with a good CFM, you know which one to go for.

No more sacrificing your well-deserved leisure time sweeping and raking around. Not when you have GreenWorks Leaf Blower + Baterry & Charger Valued at $289.99.

Get more information and Buy Now On – a deal this good won’t last forever!



  • I appreciate your tips about using a leaf blower. I just had a tree cut down in my yard and rented some equipment to help get rid of the debris. I think the leaf blower will work really well to get everything out of the yard. I’ll try to make sure I don’t try to chase down every leaf. I also appreciate the idea of using a tarp. However, I imagine that I will need to weigh down the edges to make sure it doesn’t blow away.

  • Among the few cordless units to lay claim to being a true gas-blower replacement, this GreenWorks Pro unit backs up its boast with a motor capable of achieving up to 500CFM clearance. With blow speeds reaching an admirable 125mph, the Pro managed to remove everything from autumn leaves in the garden to water on the patio.

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