How to Save Water in the Yard Like a Pro

Do you want to save water as much as 43% during dry season or summer?

Of course, yes you say.

After all, who doesn’t?

We are all concerned about our water usage and how we can efficiently utilize this valuable resource. However, as the temperatures increase each and every day as a result of climate change and global warming, so does water becomes scarcer.

Besides, we are creating a culture that depends solely on rainwater without giving due regard to whatever little water we have.

For instance, it’s estimated that daily residential outdoor water use amounts to 9 billion gallons.

Depending on the region, and rainfall distribution, homeowners use 30-60% mainly for landscape irrigation.

Of all that water 50% is wasted in part, due to over-watering.

There are so many ways for you to save water, and it’s essential to make sure you’re not overlooking any of them.

If you don’t want to continue wasting water and losing money, check out the infographic below by WaterSense for comprehensive things you can do to save water.


[Infographic] Save Water in the Yard this summer.


WaterSense's Save Water Summer Infographic


More Pros

Mulch your yard to avoid water loss.

If you’re not using smart watering solutions, carry out your watering in the mornings and evenings to allow soaking in.

Frequently check for leaks and repair as soon as practicable.

Close the taps properly.

Plant drought resistant plants in your yard.

Make proper use of irrigation technology.

Use pressure washers to do the washing.

Harvest and conserve rainwater.


More Cons

× Don’t over-irrigate your yard.

× Don’t water on windy days.

× Don’t leave taps running.

× Don’t underestimate a litter of water lost.



As you have seen, it’s possible to save over 50% of your water budget by doing a few simple things like proper irrigation timing, tuning up your system and even fixing minor leakages.

There are plenty of gadgets to help achieve some of these tasks effortlessly. Things like automatic watering sprinkler controllers, rain sensors, and irrigation timers could come in handy.

If you’re not sure of anything, it’s always good to consult trusted certified professionals to help out with advice, systems installation or even maintenance rather than be sorry.

Take action today, Help in the fight to save water.


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