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Gardeners! Are you Buying from the Best Seed Companies?

Featured Image for the best seed companies

Ever heard of terminator seeds? Terminator technology is the genetic alteration of plants to make them produce sterile seeds. In simple terms terminator seeds are good for biotech companies but bad for gardeners and farmers.

Closely related is the issue of genetically modified organisms, which I believe is the violation of natural organisms’ intrinsic values, tampering with nature by mixing genes among species and domination of food production by a few companies. The debate has been with us for years now, begging the question of ethics and integrity for those dealing with the seed business.

There’s only one question in every gardener’s mind; with so many rogue seed companies out there, how can one spot the best seed companies to do business with?

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33 little known high-value vegetables that will profit you

high-value vegetables

Long are gone the days when you could throw anything into the soil and get crops growing. Needless to say that, those plants would be considered valuable in every sense of the word. Not anymore.

The vegetable growing landscape has changed drastically. The dynamics are well predictable and are attributable to our ever changing lifestyles.

For example, how many of your family members including yourself would choose a veggie over a beef snack? How many of you owns a kitchen garden despite calling yourselves, gardeners? Do you even have the space to establish your vegetable garden to start with?

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Infographic: A Comprehensive Guide to Winter Gardening

Tips and guidelines to winter gardening

Wouldn’t it be a good idea if you could have a garden that grows all year round? We all know that when winter bites, most crops are damaged extensively. Even those plants in their correct growing zone are not spared. Sometimes, the damage is due to the microclimate that minimizes the hardiness of such crops.

Winter gardening is, therefore, an uphill task that most gardeners dread. Of course with reasons. The downside is a deficit in the supply of fresh vegetables for families and the grocery stores.

Good News, though.

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What you should know about the garden soil

Garden soil supports vigorous plant growth

Can a corpse take care of itself? Leave alone taking care of anything else?

Your probable answer is, ‘No.’

Then, why would you expect a dead garden soil to take care of your vegetables? How often do you perform a soil analysis? Have you ever taken the time to understand the obscure facts about the health of your soil? If you said No or hesitated to answer any of the three questions above,

then, this article is right for you.

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How to Plan a Vegetable Garden That Will Flourish

Planning vegetable garden

Approximately 30-60% of all vegetable garden – fails and another 20% thrives but sucks. Only 20% succeed because they know the secret. The latter understand that anything worth doing is worth doing well.

As a beginner gardener, you have a choice. You can choose to master the secret and succeed or ignore at your peril. If you are reading this, it’s because you’ve acknowledged that gardening is by far the most fulfilling hobby. You’ve also realized that the cost of food is becoming unaffordable and, therefore, want to grow your own.

But not just yet. What’s the secret for succeeding in growing vegetables? You ask.

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