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How to Clean Your Yard Using GreenWorks Leaf Blower

Greenworks Leaf Blower 80V

You are doing very well you know.

Making your yard the envy of every gardener in the neighbourhood. So clean and green with all the garden seats that you sit on during your free time and enjoy some quality time with yourself. Distant from everything else, you sip a cocktail of your favourite juice combination.

You’re really not doing badly at all.

But there’s only one problem. Fall sets in and all the trees and plantations in the yard are competing on who can shade the most leaves. Your lawn mower worsens everything by adding huge volumes of grass clippings.

Soon, your yard fills up with dry leaves, grass clippings and of course, dust. The clean and green turns into dirt and dry. You can’t tell between the pavements and the lawn.

You don’t appreciate this a bit. So you decide to trade your precious free time for sweeping the pavements, and raking around the grass to restore your garden’s ambience.

Fast forward, your leisure time is over, and your schedule is tight again, but there’s still one more problem.

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Planting Vegetables for Beginners That Refuse to Fail

Planting vegetables

You want to be as successful planting vegetables as your idol, feeding the world, saving big and even getting paid to do so.

But you know you haven’t got a chance of seeing that kind of success unless you can truly plant your vegetables and care for them over the long haul.

Of course, the big question is how?

Planting vegetables for beginners is elusive

Sure, you get the occasional sprouts, a handful of produce, but it’s not like even your family members are raving about your garden, or even caring about what you do.

You worry that this hobby is not worth your time, that you might not produce anything to feed your family and save more, that you might not get even a single dime from growing your vegetables, that you are just wasting your hard earned cash, but you’ll be damned if you can figure out the magic formula.

And the truth is, unless you can find a way to successfully plant your vegetables, your vegetable garden is doomed to failure.

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Is The Kenya Flower Industry Dying a Slow Death?

Kenya flower industry

Once featured on the CNN as the flower garden of Europe, Kenya flower industry is easily and gradually losing its glory. Or isn’t it?

And yes, I’m speaking from a grower’s perspective because I am one. I want to give you a sneak preview, though.

Kenya has been attractive flower producer because of her favourable growing conditions, cheap skilled labour and rising demand for competitively priced flowers in the main destination markets. I assume that’s public knowledge.

No wonder in 2014 Kenya was in the top 5 countries that exported the highest dollar value worth of flower bouquet. #4 to be precise as shown below. [Source: World’s top export]

  1. Netherlands: US$4.7 billion (48.1% of total flower bouquet exports)
  2. Colombia: $1.4 billion (14.1%)
  3. Ecuador: $798.4 million (8.2%)
  4. Kenya: $698.5 million (7.2%)
  5. Ethiopia: $610.4 million (6.3%)

You don’t achieve such kind of results over-night, do you?

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Gardeners! Are you Buying from the Best Seed Companies?

Featured Image for the best seed companies

Ever heard of terminator seeds? Terminator technology is the genetic alteration of plants to make them produce sterile seeds. In simple terms terminator seeds are good for biotech companies but bad for gardeners and farmers.

Closely related is the issue of genetically modified organisms, which I believe is the violation of natural organisms’ intrinsic values, tampering with nature by mixing genes among species and domination of food production by a few companies. The debate has been with us for years now, begging the question of ethics and integrity for those dealing with the seed business.

There’s only one question in every gardener’s mind; with so many rogue seed companies out there, how can one spot the best seed companies to do business with?

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33 little known high-value vegetables that will profit you

high-value vegetables

Long are gone the days when you could throw anything into the soil and get crops growing. Needless to say that, those plants would be considered valuable in every sense of the word. Not anymore.

The vegetable growing landscape has changed drastically. The dynamics are well predictable and are attributable to our ever changing lifestyles.

For example, how many of your family members including yourself would choose a veggie over a beef snack? How many of you owns a kitchen garden despite calling yourselves, gardeners? Do you even have the space to establish your vegetable garden to start with?

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