Infographic: A Comprehensive Guide to Winter Gardening

Wouldn’t it be a good idea if you could have a garden that grows all year round? We all know that when winter bites, most crops are damaged extensively. Even those plants in their correct growing zone are not spared. Sometimes, the damage is due to the microclimate that minimizes the hardiness of such crops.

Winter gardening is, therefore, an uphill task that most gardeners dread. Of course with reasons. The downside is a deficit in the supply of fresh vegetables for families and the grocery stores.

Good News, though.

It’s possible to have bountiful winter harvest nearly everywhere in the continental United States. More good news is that the pests normally hibernate or migrate, weeds grow slower, and less water is lost through evaporation. So, with the right guidelines and the proper shelter equipment, your winter gardening experience will be a total success.

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I’m really excited to share with you this amazing infographic by that will guide you through successful winter gardening. The infographic contains essential ingredients that will, no doubt, make you a super cool winter gardener. The steps outlined are as follows;

  • Plant cold-hardy vegetable varieties.
  • Protect them from the harsh elements such as snow, howling winds, or torrential rain.
  • Know when to plant them.

Let’s dive in.



It’s no secret that winter gardening is tricky and not for the faint heart gardener. But with adequate planning, preparation, and experimenting, you can have great success at it.

I’ve shared with you a comprehensive guide to winter gardening specific to your zone. Many thanks to Megan Wilson for suggesting the infographic. In the infographic, you’ve learned about hardy-crop varieties, how you can protect them from harsh winter and various USDA plant hardiness zones.

The infographic is a step by step guide to help you implement the guidelines provided. Now the ball is in your court.

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