Netro Smart WiFi Sprinkler Controller Review: 12-Zones

If you’ve ever needed to take a vacation and worried that your plants would dry out, Netro Smart WiFi Sprinkler Controller might just be what you need.

As the world embraces the era of home automation, Netro, with their recent model of smart sprinkler controller called sprite, have found a way to automate one of the most important gardening activity, seamless irrigation!


Netro smart WiFi sprinkler controller

The Netro Smart WiFi Sprinkler Controller is designed for effortless use in residential irrigation.

It helps to reduce unnecessary water usage and keeps your garden healthy.

Unlike the existing smart watering systems that requires you to manually setup or tune the system, the Netro-sprite schedules itself completely give you the freedom to do what you love to do.

Even if you’re a do it yourself freak, you can rely on the convenience of irrigating with Netro-sprite.

That’s because the smart controller knows how much water your plants need and the best way to water them.

The Netro controller offers a smart watering solution for every homeowner.
Featured with a simple, clean and modern design, Netro Sprite is truly the watering technology for every home.

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The Solar Powered Plant Sensor

One thing that sets Netro Smart WiFi Sprinkler Controller apart from the rest, is its solar powered plant sensor – the whisperer!

The sensor is what makes the Nestro-sprite one of the smartest sprinkler controller that can be relied upon to deliver the desired results anytime.

The sensors keep track of the most import factors that determine the irrigation for your plants: sunlight, temperatures and the moisture level of your soil.

The solar powered plant sensor collects data wirelessly which is then analysed on the cloud server.

Armed with a solar powered panel, the sensor never runs out of power and needs virtually no maintenance.

But wait, there’s more:

The Nestro Smart WiFi Sprinkler Controller sensor sits right into the plant’s environment to keep track of the sunlight, moisture level of the soil, and the temperature.

For this reason, it’s possible for Netro to accurately measure the water capacity and drainage rate of your soil, making sure your soil always receives the optimum amount of water at the perfect time.

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A cloud-based watering controller

The cloud based watering controller gives you proactive service.

Beyond regular system operation, updates and backups, cloud-based access control enables remote system diagnostics allowing you to detect and address potential problems with devices, networks and other system components quickly and often proactively.

This cost-effective option also provides you with the peace of mind that the system is being monitored and managed around the clock, and ensures maximum uptime and reliability without the costs and other limitations associated with traditional systems.

The cloud based smart watering controller enables you to monitor and control the system remotely from your mobile devices anywhere.

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Netro Smart WiFi Sprinkler Controller - Features and Specifications

Netro smart wifi sprinkler controller

Fully Automatic 

dynamically creates watering schedules optimized for your plants/lawns. No more confusing buttons and programming.

Netro continuously adapts to local weather and season changes, automatically optimizing watering schedules.

Voice Control 

Netro smart WiFi Sprinkler Controller Works with Amazon Alexa voice control. You can simply ask Alexa to start and stop watering your garden and the system complies!

No questions asked, and the best part, it doesn’t demand a salary for being obedient to your orders.

Netro App 

With a powerful Netro App, you can garden straight from your mobile device.

With remote access, you can monitors and controls your sprinkler system anywhere from iOS(8.3+) and Android(5.0+) devices


Netro learns from your interactions with the Netro App and builds a personalized schedule for your garden.

You can view and adjust the watering schedules intuitively in a calendar view.

Watering Restrictions (Beta) 

Netro recognizes that most state have legislative regulations aimed restricting water usage. With Nestro no more violations.

The smart controller automatically comply with your local water conservation regulations.

Water technologies saving up to 50% 

Netro Smart WiFi Sprinkler Controller’s advanced watering algorithms waters your garden when evaporation is minimal.

The gadget prevents runoffs by breaking long watering cycles into smaller ones to make water infiltrate the root zones.

The Netro is eco-friendly saving you up to 50% of your outdoor water use with advanced water saving technologies including weather forecasting and historical statistics.

Healthier Lawn 

Netro's proven irrigation science create accurate schedules that promote deep root growth, reduce watering frequency and draw more oxygen into the roots, leading to a lusher landscape.

Plants and Sprinkler Protection 

Netro smart sprinkler controller safeguards your plants and your sprinkler system.

It prevents watering under improper temperature and night watering, frequently the cause of soggy lawns which attract fungal diseases.

Plant Library (Beta) 

With over 1000 common species (more on the way) in the Netro Plant Database, your watering schedules are customized to the particular needs of your yard.

Magnetic cover  

Special magnetic cover allows easy access to the wiring for power and control signal.

Easy to install 

Install or replace your current controller in 15 minutes. You don’t need any special tools or expertise whatsoever.

Strong Wi-Fi reception 

Connects with your home Wi-Fi network stably with enhanced 2.4G antenna.

Up to 12 zones 

Tne system can support up to 12 zones with a master valve support.

Netro Sprite works with all sprinkler systems 

You do not need to change your current sprinkler system. Sprite works with your existing sprinklers (the pumps, pipes and nozzles).

Upgradable by adding Whisperer, the plant sensor 

whisperer and Sprite are the perfect team.

Whisperer keep track of sunlight, temperatures and moisture level, the most important factors that determine the irrigation for your plants.

Netro smart wifi sprinkler controller

The Cons of Netro Smart WiFi Sprinkler Controller

1. The controller does not allow for multiple zones to operate concurrently.

2. The controller will not allow a time frame longer than 60 minute if you select the zones manually.

Alternative Smart Sprinkler Controllers

1. BlueSpray BSC16i 16 Zone Wireless Unit Smart Wifi Sprinkler Controller Timer

2. RainMachine Touch HD-12, Cloud Independent, The Forecast Sprinkler, Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller, 2nd Generation, 6,5 inch, Works with Amazon Alexa

3. Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, WiFi, 16 Zone 2nd Generation, Works with Amazon Alexa

4. Blossom 7 Smart Watering Controller, 7 Zone, WiFi, works with Amazon Alexa

5. Orbit Smart Indoor/Outdoor 12-Station WiFi Sprinkler System Controller, Works with Amazon Alexa

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Customer reviews and scores

Nestro Smart WiFi Sprinkler Controller 12 Zones is an extremely powerful and convenient gadget with reliable performance.

The controller can handle all your plant watering tasks just the way you like it.

At the time of writing, I found 27 verified customer reviews who had awarded the Netro-sprite 4.8 stars out of a possible 5 on average.

The customer reviews found on Amazon are generally positive, but there was one drawback raised.

One customer said:

"I should have read the user manual before buying this product.

I have low-flow sprinklers and have to run more than one zone at a time and run each zone almost two hours. (Due to watering restrictions, I can't spread my watering out over a longer period.)

This controller does not allow for multiple zones to operate concurrently and when manually selecting a zone to be watered the controller will not allow a time frame longer than 60 minutes. In short, didn't meet my needs.

Returned it and went with a BlueSpray which is much more robust and flexible."

However, aside from this 3-star review, most of the clients were happy with their purchases. For instance, one happy customer said,

"I want to add my voice to the crowd of happy users.

The Netro has changed my life. In addition to giving my landscaping expert control over watering, the Netro spaces the watering of our fruit trees to allow for water to soak in and not runover.

We are now able to travel for weeks at a time without worries.

Our combination of xeroscaping, low mow grass, trees, and flowers has never been happier. Me too."

And the other one,
Netro smart wifi sprinkler controller

"I was skeptical after just being launched but this product is great!

I had an old Hunter timer that was replaced in minutes by the Netro Smart controller. I set up each zone being 'smart' and is already scheduling my cycles using the current weather forecast.

I fact, I set up my 'manual' schedule from my hunter and the app already realized it was raining outside and turned off the schedule immediately for today!

It took me a total of about 30 minutes to hook up, install the app and set up my zones. Couldn't be happier!

Now the kids will love it so I can turn on the sprinklers on any given hot day from my iPhone."

That makes it easy for me to recommend the Netro smart WiFi sprinkler controller as well.

Available at Amazon with free international shipping to selected countries


While I’ve tried as much as possible to inform you objectively about the Netro, I’d also love to hear from the current owners.

Let the world know about your experience with the world’s most advanced water control system – the Netro smart sprinkler controller.


  • Fred Weems says:

    My concern is that apparently this controller will not work on a stand-alone basis. It relies on Netro’s cloud service which is free, at least currently. I wonder how long Netro will be able to provide this service on a free basis. And if Netro should go out of business, all of the Sprites installed will become useless.

  • The system will run for 30 days without internet access, but it does require internet access to access weather forecasts and rainfall data. The company has said that the service will remain free.

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