5 Tips to Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Property

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As a homeowner you are always thinking about how to make your house look nice. Boosting the curb appeal of your home has the potential to increase its value.

It also gives you personal satisfaction and increases the pride of ownership.

Here are five tips that will teach you how to improve curb appeal without breaking the bank.


1. Use Window Boxes for Color

There is little that can beat the vibrant colors of nature. Installing window boxes allows you to add color to the exterior of your home at an affordable price.

Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Property

PVC window boxes can be painted to match your home's exterior, and these boxes will not rot or crack in extreme temperatures.

The flowers you choose can be a mixture of standing and trailing varieties, and color combos are limited only by your imagination.

Best of all, you can spend $100 or less on a single window box.

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2. Give Doors and Shutters Attention

Doors and shutters are two elements of your home that get a lot of attention. The eye naturally falls on these beckoning elements.

A fresh coat of paint can restore visual appeal, and it won't cost you a lot of money.

Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Property

The average exterior paint will cost you about $30 per gallon, and touching up doors and outside window shutters doesn't require a lot of time or effort.

Just make sure that you prep the areas to be painted by scraping before you begin.

3. Create Flow with Outdoor Planters

The walkways and paths around your home also have an effect on the eye.

They help lead the eye toward places you want people to see. Outdoor planters are an economical way to create visual flow.

Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Property

The best outdoor planters are made of PVC and are self-watering. They come in rectangular or square varieties.

These planters can be used to highlight walking paths, and they can also serve as nice accessories around garages and workshops.

The flowers you choose for your outdoor planters will also create variations of color on your landscape that give the eye something fresh to behold.

4. Cleaning is Important

Many homeowners underestimate the effectiveness of a good old-fashioned cleaning.

Giving the yard that extra attention has a way of tidying up the entire atmosphere of your home. 

Make sure that areas are frequently mowed, weeded, and cleaned of debris. Break out those trimmers and get the hedges in shape.

Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Property

Washing windows and siding is also important.

A good cleaning project also means cleaning the gutters and removing debris from the roof.

The added advantage of this project is that you can also inspect your home for any needed repairs while you are cleaning.

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5. Upgrade your Lighting

You might also want to think about giving your exterior lighting an upgrade.

Nice carriage lights are reasonably affordable and can add style. This is one area where you should enlist the help of a professional.

Under no circumstances should you attempt wiring unless you have some electrical experience.

Boost the Curb Appeal of Your Property

Decorative Small Solar Garden Light, Lanterns In Flower Bed In Green Foliage. Garden Design. Solar Powered Lamps In Row

An alternative to rewiring lights can be to use solar lighting for walkways.

These lights are inexpensive and all you need to do is push them into the ground. You also don't have to worry about turning them off when you're away.

Let nature do the work for you.

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Learning how to create curb appeal isn't difficult.

It only requires a little creative thinking.

A small amount of planning goes a long way when it comes to determining how to make your house look nicer.

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