Top 50 Garden Pond Designs that will rock your world

Garden pond designs come in all size, shape and most importantly, on a budget.

Having stated that categorically let me admit, how difficult it was (at least for me) to compile this list. If you don’t believe me, try counting how many stars we have in the sky.

That should not mean that I didn’t enjoy the pleasure of coming up with these fabulous garden pond designs that will rock your world and inspire you into trying some of them at home, office or other places of public importance.

Well, without any further ado let’s get into the business.

Much importantly, I hope you don’t take me seriously and just enjoy the article and remember to let me know what you think about these garden pond designs.

One study revealed that “nothing refreshes the mind and the body like a well-designed pond in the right space or location.” It brings bliss and tranquility that soothes the nerves beyond imagination.

Architectures and real estate developers have always known this secret. Fail to get it right and that pond becomes another garden eyesore.

Basically, when it comes to gardening, creativity is the key to success. You not only have to be creative in designing but the execution as well. While creativity is your most important asset as a gardener, it’s not the only thing. A wider knowledge of plants, garden features, and other adornments will come in handy as well. I believe that knowledge precedes creativity. This article is exactly meant to enlighten you about the most popular garden pond designs. Get more information on qualities of a good gardener here

But before we continue any further, I always like to ensure that we are on the same boat. I mean, this article isn’t for everyone definitely, much less for grammar critiques and the sort.

However, if you happen to be an enthusiastic gardener like myself, you have an eye for beauty, or just want to become a better garden designer. Welcome aboard. A word of caution; the article is loaded with amazing photos.

So, here we go!

50 coolest garden pond designs and ideas for the ultimate gardener.


#50: Backyard Resting Area.

To start us off, I have chosen this garden pond design to spice up your backyard. It’s optional if you want to include a dining set or any other additional feature.


#49: Small Rectangular Pond.

This pond design is suitable around VIP lounges. This is because of its formal look and a few plants.


#48: Garden pond designs with fountains

Most garden pond designs contain water fountains that sprinkle. This is not by accident since water fountains form an appealing focal point in any garden. Suitable for formal gardens that require proportionality


#47: Garden pond with a natural look

This one is for the pond designers that actually need to attract a variety of wildlife in their ponds. Suitable for creating a habitat for frogs and most indigenous plants native to swamps.


#46: Double joined pond design

This design is suitable for adding beauty to parks or botanical gardens. It can naturally incorporate lawns and other features such as bridges and resting sheds.


#45: Large-sized Chinese garden pond designs

These designs may or may not have a tower in the middle of the pond. In most cases, the tower is a shed that emulates the ancient Chinese buildings.


#44: Small whiskey barrels water feature

I first came across this design on and fell in love with it. This design is so simple yet so inspiring. Any DIY gardener can certainly pull out this one. For more information on similar designs visit


#43: Cordoba Gardens with a pond

Amazing scene! Suitable in most areas of public importance.

gardens-364647__180 cordoba

#42: 2-tier wood-framed raised pond with water feature

Another impressive state of the art from the many backyard garden pond designs found on


#41: Holiday garden pond design

Best used as a focal point in a holiday garden.


#40: Artistic water feature

This design is one my favorite. It can suit any location and occasion and brings bliss in the garden. Besides, it can serve as a birdbath thus attracting plenty of birds.


#39: Large-sized Japanese Garden Pond

Japanese garden pond with a bridge is suitable for holiday homes or prestigious hotels in the suburbs.


#38: Snake-Like water feature that serves as a fountain

Impress your clients with these creative design that is so unique and beautifully controversial. Awesome is an understatement!


#37: Non-turbulent water-fall

Water is injected in an elevated feature that overflows upon getting full. The overflows go smoothly into the main garden pond. The pond may have giant water lilies to enhance its beauty.


#36: 2-Tier Garden ponds (Waterfall)

This design is similar to the one above only that the elevated water feature is replaced by another smaller pond that overflows in the main pond.


#35: Successive Waterfalls

The successive waterfall designs happen to be my most favourite. Just see for yourself the creativity and innovation at play right there. What’s more, you can rear some beautiful golden fish in the rectangular pond.


#34: Garden steps with a pond

This is a variation of the successive waterfall design.


#33: A chain of ponds connected by a plank of wood

Each pond flows into the other using just a plank of wood or a plastic feature. You may add as many or as little plants as you wish. The key thing here is the gentle sound made by the flowing water.


#32: Raised or Over the ground Pond

The raising is done using concrete. You may also convert other features such as old wells to serve as a garden pond.


#31: Above the ground garden pond

Another impressive piece of art. You may want to customize this design to suit your liking and budget.



You have successfully completed part A of Top 50 Garden Pond Designs. If haven’t been inspired by these designs yet, I don’t know what would.

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Part B

#30: Paved Bridge over a conjoined garden pond . ponds















Bonus Garden Pond designs




#22: Above Ground Pond



#20: Backyard Koi Garden Pond designs









#15: Garden pond lilies








#11 . ponds








Japanese ornamental bridge

If you have any other killer garden pond design, share with me so that I can make a masterpiece for the ultimate gardeners we are. If you liked the article, kindly give it a share.

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