The Best Space-Saving Ideas for a Small Garden

The Best Space-Saving Ideas for a Small Garden

Do you struggle with knowing the best way to make the most of your outdoor space?

You may have a small garden and find it difficult developing the area to make it work for you.

This is particularly relevant to those who live in cities or high-rise buildings, where the luxury of a long garden with luscious grass isn’t always the reality.

However, even the quirkiest of outdoor areas can be brought to life. The great part with getting creative is you can utilise what you already have, and work on a budget.

There are plenty of ways to make the most of your outdoor space, no matter what size.  

Check out our handy guide with top tips on space-saving ideas for your small garden:

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8 Easy Ways to Find Trustworthy Buyers in the European Fresh Market

European fresh market

There’s no doubt that the export of fruits and vegetables has become a big deal nowadays.

And with reasons of course:

The main one being the growth in consumer demand and the inability to produce many fresh fruits and vegetables year-round in Europe.

For most farmers in developing tropical countries, the European Union offers a very lucrative market for their farm produce. While at the same time satisfying the high demand in Europe.

On average about 75% of all fresh fruit and vegetables in Europe is sold by supermarkets.

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Are You Being Duped at Your Local Farmers Market?

Local Farmers Market

In a survey conducted by USDA Outdoor Farmers Market, the following are the reasons why people go to shop at a local farmers market:

27% of the respondents gave freshness and taste as their main reason,

22% goes there to support their local agriculture,

18% noted that it was convenient to shop at a farmers market,

15% enjoyed the community atmosphere,

11% liked the variety of local agriculture,

While 7% were keen on price.

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How do I prepare the soil for a vegetable garden?

How do I prepare the soil for a vegetable garden?

Preparing soil for growing vegetables generally means creating a good environment that will enhance successful planting.

Although the process might require some time, it is vital for a thriving vegetable garden.

Apart from plenty of water and sunlight, a proper pH level and some nutrients are very helpful in creating a healthy environment for the vegetables.

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15 Epic Houseplants for Improving Indoor Air Quality

Houseplants for Improving Indoor Air Quality

In the late '80s, NASA and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America studied houseplants as a way to purify the air in space facilities. They found several plants that filter out common volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Lucky for us, the plants can also help clean indoor air on Earth, which is typically far more polluted than outdoor air.

Other studies have since been published in the Journal of American Society of Horticultural Science, further proving the science.

Want to see the best plants?

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