Are GMO Food Crops Safe for Human Consumption?

Are GMO food crops safe?

Have you ever wondered whether GMO food crops are safe for consumption?

If so, you’re in the right place. Because in today’s post I’m going to highlight what scientists believe despite the heated public skepticism.

Well, it turns out that genetically-engineered crops are as safe to eat as their non-GE counterparts, they have no adverse environmental impacts, and they have reduced the use of pesticides.

Or is it?

Let’s get into it:

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How to Sell your Fresh Produce with Minimum Effort

How to sell fresh produce with minimum effort

People that succeed to sell their fresh produce, do two things exemplary well.

First, they identify a marketing strategy that helps them distribute their fresh produce pretty well.

Second, they dedicate time and resources into researching, validating, and executing that marketing strategy.

But you’re probably wondering:

“How do I find a fool proof way to market and sell my fresh produce and get the best prices?”

Well, today I will break it down for you.

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Ignore This 12 Forgotten Organic Farming Tips at Your Peril

Organic farming tips

Organic farming has become a runaway success, posting sales in the billions, showering eager consumers with naturally grown fruits, vegetables, and showing no signs of becoming a niche market any more.

The booming organic industry posted new records in 2015, with total organic product sales hitting a new benchmark of $43.3 billion, in the US alone.

Naturally, many people want to emulate that success in their own gardens and farms.

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How to Earn Massive Income Growing Passion Fruits

Earn massive income growing passion fruits

What's this all about growing passion fruits?

​Have you ever looked at your life and thought there’s got to be more?

More than those debts you’re struggling with.

More than that job you hate so much.

You know that it will take years of your life to achieve your dream if ever it happens.

In fact, most of us have big dreams, yet we’re concerned that the road we’re travelling will never converge with those dreams.

But still we chose to do nothing about it.

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11 Epic Ways to Improve your Farm Profitability

Ways to improve farm profitability

Imagine if you could take one simple move in your farm, and see an instant boost in your farm profitability.

Or even better:

What if there were 11 of these moves….

….and each of them could generate extra income per acre of the total production area.

You’d probably be excited to read about them.

Because here’s the deal:

Success in farming is possible.

But in order to be successful as a modern-day farmer you need to be more like a modern-day tech entrepreneur than a peasant agrarian of yesteryear. You need to divorce the traditional farming methods because the traditional farming model is broken and it doesn’t work.

A lot of new farmers struggle because they follow their hearts instead of approaching farming as a business. The obstacles preventing you from getting into farming and succeeding can be overcome. Profitable farming is possible.

With that, let’s jump in:

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