The definitive guide to growing strawberries

growing strawberries

This is one of the most comprehensive guides to growing strawberries on the planet.

Whether you are a gardening newbie, a green thumb, or a master agribusiness entrepreneur, you’ll love this guide.

Before “this definitive guide to growing strawberries”, tidbits of information were scattered across the internet.

Now, with the help of some of the best resources available online and my own personal experience, I’ve put it all in one place.

And you can easily sift through the guide based on your individual needs and your level of gardening proficiency.


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Growing Garlic for Beginners: The Definitive Guide

growing garlic

There is a revolution taking place in the world of growing garlic either as a business venture or own consumption, and I want to help people understand how to do it well and easy.

Those who understand the intricacies of growing garlic will have a competitive advantage that is hard to overstate, and I’d wish to provide a robust framework for thinking about it.

Let’s dive right in:

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Introduction to Upside Down Gardening

Upside Down Gardening of Tomatoes

Gardening, with the aim of providing your own food, has experienced a resurgence over the last few years.

More and more of us are looking for ways to reduce our food bills, decrease our carbon footprint, and eat healthier.

Those with gardens or access to an allotment find it easier to grow their own food, but what about those of us who live in apartments?

Apartment dwellers have much less space to work with and this obstacle stops many budding gardeners in their tracks.

That is why we were excited to learn about upside down gardening, it grants everyone the opportunity to grow their own vegetables regardless of available space.

Here’s what the experts at Fantastic Gardeners advise in order to get yourself up to speed with an upside-down garden.

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12 Plants That Attract Ruthless Good Bugs

12 Plants That Attract Ruthless Good Bugs

Most bugs pose a great threat to our gardens. That’s why I've previously wrote an article about proven insect repelling plants that are known to repel harmful bugs from our gardens and homes.

You can find the article here:

However, in today’s article, I’ve acknowledged the fact that not all pests are a threat to your garden plants, and many of them are actually helpful in fighting off other plant predators.

In order to attract those helpful bugs, you need to add certain plants from the list below to your garden or farm to encourage biodiversity and a healthy population of beneficial garden insects that will help you keep bad bugs in check.

Let’s check them out:

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