11 Epic Ways to Improve your Farm Profitability

Ways to improve farm profitability

Imagine if you could take one simple move in your farm, and see an instant boost in your farm profitability.

Or even better:

What if there were 11 of these moves….

….and each of them could generate extra income per acre of the total production area.

You’d probably be excited to read about them.

Because here’s the deal:

Success in farming is possible.

But in order to be successful as a modern-day farmer you need to be more like a modern-day tech entrepreneur than a peasant agrarian of yesteryear. You need to divorce the traditional farming methods because the traditional farming model is broken and it doesn’t work.

A lot of new farmers struggle because they follow their hearts instead of approaching farming as a business. The obstacles preventing you from getting into farming and succeeding can be overcome. Profitable farming is possible.

With that, let’s jump in:

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A Step by Step Guide to Growing French Beans

Growing French Beans

I have been sitting for more than one hour in an undisclosed high traffic hotel, waiting to see how many customers place an order for some French beans based meal, but I see none!

This brings a feeling that most of us either do not know what French beans are, how they are produced or the nutritive benefits that come from them.

Most people tend to go for fast food rich with lots and lots of fatty ingredients.

Yes, these kinds of food have instant gratification but pose long-term health risks.

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Who Else Want to Make Big Money in Farming

Make big money farming

The farming industry is littered with fake ‘wannabes.’

You’ve heard about them.

You even know them because you’ve met them.

You’ve read the headlines in newspapers, magazines, radio, and television. You know those predictable headlines that go something like, “How I Make Millions Growing X” or “How I Quit My Prestigious Job to Start Farming” and much more.

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10 Things You Need to Know about Glyphosate aka Roundup


As a follow-up post on the recent article on whether we should worry about the use of Glyphosate aka roundup, and answer some of the readers’ questions, here’s another yet informative article on the 10 things you need to know about glyphosate.

If you haven’t read that article, find it here

If you have, let’s begin.

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How to Control Tuta absoluta in Tomatoes Even If You’re Not an Expert.

How to control Tuta absoluta on tomatoes

If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of the effects of Tuta absoluta, you know that growing tomatoes can be as disastrous as it can get.

I get it – when you’re not sure what to do when tomato leaf miner attacks, but you feel like somehow you’ve got to do something. So you result to spraying pesticides unsparingly on your crop.

Unfortunately, the result is often pathetic due to the resistant nature of Tuta absoluta to most pesticides – and that results in unimaginable losses of your crop, investment, and money used to buy chemicals.

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