31 Low Light Houseplants That You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Low light houseplants

Incorporating your interior spaces with houseplants enhances your quality of life. However, the biggest challenge is finding low light houseplants that can be productively grown indoors.

This is because light is an essential factor in maintaining healthy plants. Failure to which your efforts to grow indoor plants will yield nothing.

So, how can you establish beautiful looking indoor plants without worrying about the cost of buying artificial grow lights to illuminate your dark interiors?


Grow low light houseplants.

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The Foolproof Guide for Growing Mushrooms at Home

Growing mushrooms

If you are serious about reducing your global carbon footprint and gaining more control over where your food comes from, then cultivating your own mushrooms should become a priority.

Rich in flavor and easy to utilize in a wide variety of recipes, homegrown mushrooms add a robust, earthy taste to any dish, and growing them yourself will cost you less than purchasing them at the store.

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Do You Make These 9 Gardening Mistakes?

Gardening mistakes

There’s something cathartic about commiserating in awful shared experiences — especially if you can find excitement in them.

Like that one time you were working on your garden enthusiastically and dug up all newly shooting flowers instead of weeds unknowingly.

The weeds got replicated in the whole garden, and your colleagues all made fun of you for being a terrible, horrible, no good gardener.

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Should You Worry About the Use of Glyphosate?

Roundup glyphosate on shelves

When it comes to the use of glyphosate, popularly known as Roundup, everything you believe to be true isn’t.

Let me rephrase that statement.

Everything you’ve heard about the weed killer Roundup is only true if you choose to believe it. It’s all about what you want to believe in.

For those of you who’re still on the fence, here’s what I believe since a lot of you have been keen to know my take on this topic. It’s finally here.

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