Recommended Gardening Resources and Tools

If you’ve come to this recommended gardening resources and tools section, it’s because you want to get solutions, ideas, inspiration, resources, and information to succeed in your gardening endeavor.

I know you don’t have the time or the technology to research yourself, and that, you need an all-in-one source. That’s why I thought it would be helpful to recommend all the resources and tools you require in your garden.

I’ve had a personal experience with some of the tools I’m about to recommend or have been highly recommended by the people I trust.  Additionally, I’ve conducted an in-depth research and come up with these resources.

I’ll keep on updating this Page as I learn more.


Disclosure: Kindly be informed that most of the links below are associate links. That means if you click on them and make a purchase, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. These commissions help me to sustain this blog. However, this does not affect any unbiased information presented and that the recommendations remain useful and helpful. Please don’t spend your money on any product unless you feel that it will help you achieve your goals.


Composting & Yard Waste Bins

Your kitchen generates tonnes and tonnes of trash every year. That’s not all, the trees are always shedding their leaves littering your yard. Wouldn’t be a good idea if you could turn that trash into something more valuable? Check out these recommended gardening resources in regards to composting.

Kangaroo Gardening Bag by Fiskars – Collapsible, standalone container, hardshell bottom, durable, cushioned handles, ideal for yard waste and debris collection.

Compost-maker by Envirocycle Systems Inc – Cutest composter in the world, solid like a tank, continually improved, and efficient customer care.

Recommended gardening resources and tools

From kitchen waste to compost to healthy vegetables

Recommended Reading: Tips for Successful Composting and Planet Natural’s Composting 101 – An amazing tutorial as well as common mistakes to avoid when composting.

Fertilizer Spreaders

Fertilizers or small grass seeds are almost always impossible to efficiently spread without the use of spreaders. This recommendation is based on a fertilizer and seed spreader that reduces your costs, can be adjusted fast, and easy to calibrate for a precise spread.

Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader by Agri-Fab – Saves time, durable, long life, and stable

Garden Sculptures & Statues

Combine classical sculpture and a universal symbol of the heavenly angel to add meaning to the landscape as well as a focal point. This and much more statues available on However, the recommendations below are also worthwhile.

⇒Stone Bridge by Fairy Gardens – A cute resin stone bridge for your Miniature Garden.

⇒Gold Mosaic Glazing Ball by Evergreen Enterprises – Vibrant colours for illumination and mosaic pattern. A perfect gift for someone wishing to add extra beauty to his or her landscape.

⇒Decorative Garden Planter by Collections Etc – Crafted from wood with rolling iron wheels. Showcases flowers and creates sensational seasonal displays.

recommended gardening resources

This water feature is an example of garden sculptures

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Garden Tool Holders

Getting organized in your garden isn’t difficult and it’s almost free. Besides, locating your tools and equipment becomes a breeze leaving you enough time to work on what you love the most. Gardening!

Garden Tool Belt by Esschert Design – Perfect For Use In the Garden Or Yard.

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Gloves & Protective Gear

Remember that your safety is always the first priority when it comes to gardening. Therefore, put on safe personal protective equipment always. The following are recommended gardening resources in safety.

⇒Technical Apron by Husqvarna,

⇒Cut Resistant Gloves by WISLIFE,

⇒Knee pads by Fiskars,

⇒Garden Kneeler Pad by InSassy – Non-recycled, non-toxic, High-density form, highly portable, and firm knee support.

Recommended Reading: Gardening Health and Safety Tips

Greenhouses & Accessories

Wouldn’t it be a good idea if you could have a garden that grows all year round? We all know that when winter bites, most crops are utterly damaged completely. Even those crops in their correct growing zone are not spared. This is due to the microclimate that minimizes the hardiness of such crops.

Winter gardening is, therefore, an uphill task that most gardeners dread. Of course with reasons. The downside is a deficit in the supply of fresh vegetables for families and in the grocery stores.

Good News, though.

It’s possible to have bountiful winter harvest nearly everywhere with the help of season extenders and the right structures. These structures will enable you to grow food all year round without having to worry about weather conditions. Check them out and choose the one that suits your needs.

⇒Premium Cold Frame by Exaco Trading Company – UV-resistant, 10 years warranty, weather resistant, three top windows, and super-easy to assemble.

⇒Portable Backyard Greenhouse by Quictent – Change its location as often as you wish.

⇒Greenhouse Indoor Hydroponic Grow Lighting by Galaxyhydro

⇒Indoor Humidity Monitor by AcuRite – Monitor the humidity around your plants and adjust as required.

recommended gardening resources

Cold frames are ideal for starting your seeds as well as protecting them from harsh environmental conditions

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Garden Hand Tools

It takes effort, time, and the right tool to keep your yard in shape. Think of tilling your garden in preparation for growing your plants, pruning your tomatoes or roses, testing your soil for nutrients or even maintaining your lawn.

Is it possible to achieve all the above-mentioned chores without the help of an appropriate tool? Of course not. That’s why the following are the recommended gardening resource and tools to make your work easier.

⇒Hand pruner by Fiskars – helps to prune your plants to keep them in shape and to improve air circulation in the crop canopy as well.

⇒Garden Hoe by Prohoe – Makes tilling your garden a breeze which should always be the case.

⇒Coring lawn aerator by Fiskars – Say no to fungus infecting your lawn by improving the aeration and developing a healthy lawn.

⇒Rapitest Soil Test Kit by Luster leaf – Know what your garden soil needs by performing periodical soil tests. The beauty of it all, you do it all on your own.


Indoor Gardening & Hydroponics

I understand your frustration. You love the tasty fresh vegetables but you just don’t have enough space to grow your own. Why not consider indoor gardening instead?

Recommended gardening resources in indoor gardening

Indoor Container Gardening Integrates Nature with your Home

Indoor gardening is the most space-efficient way of growing those valuable fresh vegetables all year round. Besides, growing vegetables indoors have proved to play a role in phytoremediation and you get a chance to integrate nature with your house!

The rule of the thumb is to grow your plants where there’s a good source of natural light. However, if your house is in a dark area, you can still grow with the help of artificial grow light. If you are considering starting an indoor garden, the following are the recommended gardening resources and tools.

⇒Miracle-Grow Indoor AeroGarden by Aerogrow.

⇒Seedling starter trays for Seed germination by Industry Standard Grower’s Supply – Ideal cell size to transmit room temperatures for optimal root growth.

⇒Super Spectrum Grow Bulb by Eye Hortilux – Extends the growing season.

⇒Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing by Apollo Horticulture.


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Organic Gardening

Recommended Reading
  1. Practical Solutions for the Garden – Learn how to grow organic food fast. This resource is arranged by chapters so that you can bookmark and keep referring to it.
  2. Beginner’s Guide to Seed Saving – Learn how to get a repeat performance of your favourite edibles the following year without ever buying new seeds again.


Lawn & Mulch Paint

Lawns are great in creating the impression of space in your yard. Nearly every home has a lawn established or plans to establish one. However, when conditions are unfavourable and your grass becomes dormant, what do you do? You paint it!

⇒Evergreen Grass and Turf Paint by Envirocolor – Great for dormant Bermuda grass.

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Outdoor Carts

For homeowners, moving materials from one location in the yard to the other is something that happens almost every day. Be it carrying construction materials, waste disposal or even fresh produce. Carts always come in handy.

That means outdoor carts are a must have equipment in your garden.

But not just any cart can do the job. Whichever outdoor cart you choose, put its durability, versatility as well as the ease of mobility into consideration.

The following recommendations meet all the criteria.

⇒Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart by Gorilla Carts

⇒Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow – Flat free tires making it a best seller on the market

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Pest Control

Hate sharing your fresh fruits and vegetables with bugs? Do you hate the ugly marks left behind by chewing mouthparts of insects? Of course, that’s the greatest nightmare for every green thumb.

Here’s the catch

It doesn’t have to be that way. Protecting your garden from damaging pests should always be a priority. And the best way to do this is to let nature take care of that problem for you. How about introducing good bugs that prey on those damaging pests?

Don’t take my word for it, try it out. You can start with the following biological remedies.

⇒Dr. Pye’s Scanmask Live Beneficial Nematodes – Thought to kill Over 230 different types of bugs.

⇒Drop-Ins Fruit Fly Traps by BEAPCO – 180 days of continuous fruit fly protection.

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